Programa ayuda Renta

2007 1.01 for

Spanish Tax Agency Official Program for your income tax returns


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Until recently, preparing your income tax return was a real mission, where a calculator and lots of patience were the best and only tools for the job.

After seeing the problems that taxpayers were encountering while preparing their statements at home, the Spanish Tax Agency created this downloadable tool to make the whole process easier and more streamlined: Programa Ayuda Renta 2007 (Income Tax Program 2007).

The program takes you step by step through the process so you just have to fill in the templates provided in each step; however, if your returns are more complicated a more customizable approach is also available.

There is also an extensive tutorial to help you resolve any doubts you may have about the laborious process of filling in the income statement and wealth tax forms. Once you've finished and reviewed the declaration, the program allows you to print it so it can be presented at the treasury office.